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Friday, May 27, 2011

Carlose Greene Book Nu. 3 Ideas?

Hey Everybody!
Just wanted to ask my reader's (All 1 of them :) what they think would be a good third book?
So what ever you think!
And keep it to a minor level of violence okay I might have kids read this later! Just Kidding!
Thank you for your time!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

New Year New Book!!

Hey Everybody!
Since it is a new year I thought of doing a new book even though I'am going to do my Carlose story's I thought of making it in World War 3.

Chapter 1
The Beginning of all our Troubles

General Grant and his men ran from building to building trying not to be seen by any Muslims that might be walking around the town or what was left of it.
They finally made it to their destination the tallest building in the town but not any more after the bombing.
“Okay, Jack you and your men go in the front go to the top floor and get the part on the table, John will follow you to the third floor and then your on your own.” Grant said looking around to see if any Muslims had followed them.
Jack and John’s men ran slowly in so not to be heard.
“Sir how long do you think this war will last?” Said eighteen year old Jacob who had been drafted when he was seventeen “Sir how long do you think this war will last?’
“Why, are you bored?” asked Grant
“Oh no sir just it has been going on for a while and well…” Grant interrupted him before he finished.
“Well it might go for a little longer but not to long I hope.” Said Grant right once he finished there was a U.S. army airplane bombed the building right next to us then the Muslims shot with the biggest bullets they had.
“Their going to kill them aren’t they?” asked one of the solders.
“Yep they are so heartless that they could kill anyone for nothing couldn’t they General?” asked a nether one of the solders
“Yes they would that’s why we need to hurry.” Grant said.
“Sir is this?” asked John showing Grant the Part.
“I guess so I have no idea.” Said Grant “let get out of here now.”

Later that day Grant went to give Dr. Alex Bonterser his part to who knows what.
“Come in, come in Grant please have a seat.” Said Dr. Banterer
“Thank you.” Grant said sitting down.
“Did you get it?” asked Alex.
“What, oh yes here it is.” Said Grant “Is this it I didn’t know you didn’t tell me.”
“Yes this is it thank you can go now.” Alex said
“Alex what is that.” Grant asked
“You will see later when the time is right I just can’t take chances right know when I haven’t got it ready, you know what I mean don’t you Grant?” Alex asked
“Yes I do thank you.” Grant said leaving the room.
“What did he say?” asked Jacob.
“What oh he said that he doesn’t want me to know what it is until it is ready.” Said Grant Angryish “Aren’t you supposed to be keeping guarding the out posts?” asked Grant.
“Yes but it is so stupid I stand there for a long time and never have something happen that is fun.” Said Jacob
“That is the one job that you DON’T want something to happen.” Said Grant “Now go and do your job.”
“ Okay.” Jacob said leaving.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Book nu.2

Chapter 1

The Shooter

Carlose and Anna walked to the place where Suze got shot.
“This is the place?” asked Carlose as he looked closer to the road.
“Yep I could never forget it.” said Anna about to cry, Carlose got to a squatting postion.
“And there is where you swerved into the shoulder?” asked pointing to the car trackes that lead to the steep hill.
“Yep.” said Anna wiping off some tiers.
“And what about the truck driver?” asked Carlose standing up.
“Well he only helped me out of my car and then left but he had blue eyes and that is all I can remember.” said Anna
“He just left like that?” Asked Carlose
“Yep, but I called the cops and they came to help.” said Anna
“Okay, well we had better get back.” said Carlose
“So you are going to help me right?” asked Anna
“Yes of course I am but it will be a little harder than I thought.” said carlose after opening Anna’s door.
“Why?” asked Anna after Carlose go in.
“Because it is all wooded so it will be hard to find the persons hideout.” said Carlose.
“Hideout, what do you mean?” asked Anna
“The place he shot from.” said Carlose, the rest of the way Anna was silent because she was remembering the events that had happened the day before the sad events.
Carlose droped Anna off and went home, Carlose walked in slowly so not to wake up Manny but it didn’t work.
“So what is it do you think you will be able to do it or not?”
“Well it is going to be hard to see it is all wooded so it is going to take time to find him but do you know something so weird the truck driver just helped her out and left.” said Carlose
“That is so weird.” said Manny starting to yawn.
“You look tired.” said Carlose
“So do you.” said Manny laughing
“Well goodnight to you to.” said Carlose laughing “Night see you tomorrow.” said Carlose as he walked up stairs.
He stood at the door for a little and wondered what happened to the shooter how he got out and then walked in the rest of the way and turned out the lights to go to bed.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Lies, All Lies

Hey Here is part 4 to my story. Hope you like it.

Lies, All Lies

After a good night sleep Carlose went downstairs he mad some coffee and sat at the end of the table
“Hey Manny get up it is ten o’clock.” said Carlose it toke a couple of minutes for him to get up “Manny can you get the Mayor up Please?” asked Carlose Manny as he walked upstairs (even slower this time) Manny mumbling “Why me Why can you do it?” after Manny couldn’t be seen all Carlose could hear was a door open “Boom” Manny had slipped a couple of stairs
“The Mayors not in the bedroom” Said Manny
“What he was there today, but I didn’t want to disturb him.” said Carlose, Carlose ran up looked in the room Manny was right he was not there only pillow that made it look like him.
“Where could he have gone?” Wandered Carlose
“He might be at town talking to Mendoza.” said Manny
“Why do you not like the Mayor.” asked Carlose
“I did not say I did not like him.” said Manny
“Yes you did” said Carlose
“No I didn’t, and don’t ask me again, all I said was that he might be at town talking to Mendoza.” said Manny
“Ok” said Carlose, after breakfast Carlose and Manny went to town to go grocery shopping as they past the mayor’s office he could see two people talking Carlose remembered what Manny had said and went inside.
“Can I help you sir?” ask the Mayor’s secutary Carlose paid no attention to him and walk right past “Sir you can’t go up there.” but Carlose went up any way.
As he opened the door he saw the Mayor and Mendoza talking.
“You aren’t support to be up here.” said the Mayor
“Well your not support to be talking to Mendoza are you?” asked Carlose with his hands on his hips.
“I can explain.” said Mendoza
“Don’t you talk.” said Carlose pointing at Mendoza, when Carlose turned around the mayor had a gun pointed at Carlose so he jumped out the window just right when the mayor shot the gun.
“Smack” Carlose had just hit the ground; Carlose got up and ran to the garbage bind.
“Carlose, Carlose where are you?” asked Manny, Carlose ran grabbed Manny and ran back.
“What happened?” asked Manny
“That Mayor, why he was talking to Mendoza and tried to shot me.” remarked Carlose, “Bang, bang, bang” it hit right where Carlose and Manny were, Carlose turned around a fired a couple of shots as he turned around and saw Manny he was bleeding really bad. “Manny what happened to you?” asked Carlose
“What it is really easy to see.” said Manny “He shot me in the shoulder.”
Carlose looked back and saw Mendoza running away “You stay right here.” said Carlose he picked up his gun and ran after him.
“Carlose wait.” said Manny, Manny looked unaccomplished.
Carlose held out his gun as he looked for Mendoza he saw him looking at a wall of the ally, as he walked closer Mendoza said “You never now we almost got away with it.”
“With what?” asked Carlose?
“We almost got away with the bank robbery.” said Mendoza
“Well I still will have to turn you in to the police you know.” said Carlose
“Yes, well lets go.” said Mendoza turning around.
As they walked Carlose could see the town doctor help Manny, “So will he be ok?” asked Carlose
“Yes, just give him this three times a day.” said the doctor handing Carlose the medicine.
Later that day when Carlose and Manny were at home (remembering the events of the day) the heard a light nock at the door Carlose walked slowly with a sore leg.
“Hello how can I help you?” asked Carlose
“Is this the home of Carlose Greene?” asked the young lady
“Yes it is, please come in.” said Carlose “Now what is the matter?” asked Carlose
“Well as appearance wise almost twin friend and my-self were leaving for home from a b-day party for a girl at the school I teach at that night I was tired so suze (as friends call her) drove on the way home, but we never got with in 10 miles of home because as we were driving on a country road a bullet smashed the window and hit suze in the head. We started to swerved so I grabbed the steering wheel and as I did a 18 wheeler came on our lane and so I pulled past his lane and into the shoulder and slammed on the brakes.” Said the young lady
“Well this sounds like an interesting one, me and assistant Manny will be at your help.” said Carlose
As Carlose and the young lady shook hands the chase was on.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Carlose Greene part 3!

Part 3
The next day Carlose sat up in bed just for a couple minutes remembering what happened the night before, he got up and went downstairs and made some coffee, after a little bit the Mayor came downstairs
“Good morning.” said Carlose “How did you sleep?”
“Horrible, the mosquitoes kept on biting me.” said the Mayor still sleepy
‘Oh sorry, Um may I ask what would you like for breakfast?” asked Carlose
“Bacon and two eggs.” said the Mayor
“Ok.” said Carlose “Um about last night did you know those guys?”
“ No of course not why they where going to kill me right.” said the Mayor
“Ya I just wanted know.” asked Carlose
“Um how is my breakfast coming along?” asked the Mayor a little sacred as if Carlose know something
“Oh, I forgot.” said Carlose the Mayor as he turned “Smack” his head hit the cabinet.
Carlose walked back in to the room he looked out the window and saw a squirrel sitting on the bench right across the road he walked back to where the Mayor was sitting (with his eyes still on the squirrel) “Here’s your breakfast.” said Carlose
“What are you looking at?” asked the Mayor
“Um, oh there is a squirrel an the bench across the road.” said Carlose
“Oh really?” said the Mayor “That one?” asked the mayor pointing at the bench
“Don’t point, he might see you.” said Carlose
“Oh ya your right.” said the Mayor dropping his finger
“Try to think of a way we can capture him.” said Carlose, Carlose walked around the room(with his hands behind his back)
“I got an idea.” announced the Mayor happily “What is it?” demanded Carlose “you walk around the house why I am pretend talking to you than you can sneak around him and capture him.” said the Mayor still proud of himself.
Carlose opened and shut the door so quiet that even a whisper could have been louder, he first started crowing on his hands and knees than when he got to the end of the wall he got on his tummy and started inching his way across the tree line, he finally got to behind the bench he waited awhile and then jumped up and grasped his neck
“What are you doing here?” Demanded Carlose
“Mendoza fired me just a few minutes ago so I was waiting on the bus.” said the squirrel trying to pry Carloses hands to get some air.
“Are you sure ?” asked Carlose with on eye shut
“Yes.” said the squirrel, Carlose slowly let go of Manny
“Ok, what is your name?” asked Carlose
“Manny Trolley.” said Manny
“Well Manny Trolley my name is.”
“Carlose Greene.” Manny interrupted
“How did you know?” asked Carlose
“Every one knows you name.” said Manny
“Oh, are you hungry?” asked Carlose
“Yes, I have not eaten since Yesterday.” said Manny.
Carlose and Manny both walked in side the Mayor ran and opened the door
“Awe you captured him that fast.” said the Mayor
“Oh no Mayor this is Manny.” said Carlose
“It is so nice meeting you, but I must be going.” said the Mayor after saying good-bye Carlose and Manny went inside.
“I wander where is he going?” wandered Carlose “Oh and he didn’t eat his breakfast.” said Carlose “What are you looking at?” asked Carlose
“Oh I thought I saw him some where, oh but where is my breakfast?” said Manny Happily
“Hay Manny do you have a place to sleep?” asked Carlose Manny shock his head
“Oh well I have a fold out coach would you...” before he could finished Manny nodded his head so fast “Ok, after you finish I can show you where you sleep.” said Carlose, Manny finished his food a little bit after that
“Ok here are some blankets here is a pillow I think that is all.” said Carlose “Thanks.” said Manny “Your welcome.” said Carlose.
It was getting darker and darker “The Mayor still has not come home yet where could he have gotten to?” wandered Carlose then they heard a whistle they looked out side and it was as they expected the Mayor, the Mayor walked inside “Where have you been?” asked Carlose “Walking around town, where else?” asked the Mayor “Ok it was a little scary when there is a murder on the lose.” said Carlose “I might go to bed I’m a little tired.” said the Mayor, the Mayor walked upstairs and closed the door
Carlose walked around the house turning off all the lights Manny was still a wake “What are you doing not going asleep.” asked Carlose
“Oh I just can’t seam to go to sleep.” said Manny
“Oh well you might just try to get some sleep we got a busy day a head of us.” said Carlose
“Ok.” said Manny as he flipped over and fell asleep slowly by slowly.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

To Glorify Him

God created the Heavens, the Earth, the Planets, everything for one thing so we can Glorify Him so why don't we, I mean the Evolutionists, the Non-Christians, even some of the Christians aren't Glorifying Him.
God sent his only begotten son for the elect, God loves you so why don't you Glorify him, God maybe wouldn't have created you but he did so you could Glorify him.
There are people who don't have arms or legs and still Glorify God.
I hope this meant something to you because it was on my mind for awhile.
John 3:16
"For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life."

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Heres a little more

He shook the mayor so hard the mayor was lucky his head didn’t fall off, “What” said the mayor sluggishly “There are men here to kill you” said Carlose faintly, the mayor jumped up out of bed “where are they ”asked the mayor “They’re in the house somewhere” replied Carlose “Well how do we escape” asked the Mayor with a little smile “I got a grappling hook out that window.”
They had just got to the place where he had left his bike when they heard the car start “what do they want with me” asked the mayor looking at the direction they heard the car start “they want to kill you” said Carlose sadly “they want to take over stuffed city I guess.” “where will I stay they might have some men waiting for men” said the mayor “ Well I have a Guest room you could sleep there until we get this over with.” said Carlose in a fun voice “We could eat doughnuts and drink coffee this might be fun.” and they walked to Carlose’s house “mayor you want some coffee” asked Carlose “Um no thank you I might just go to bed, where do I sleep?” asked the mayor “Upstairs it’s your first door on your right, good night.” said Carlose and right after he said that he heard the mayors door close.